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An early influence on my writing was the Ballantine Books “Sign of the Unicorn” fantasy series published from 1969 to 1974 and edited by Lin Carter. To read a tribute I wrote to Lin and the series, click here.

Harold Lamb is a forgotten writer of historical fiction and adventure. Howard Andrew Jones has created a web site for him here.

In both The High House and The False House, I made a number of references to the writers and characters from the Ballantine Books series. Gary Thompson has created a web site here listing many of these, most of which he got right. Thanks to Gary for going to so much trouble.

A number of my short stories have appeared in the Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction. To go to their web site, click here.

The late Andy Robertson has created a web site dedicated to William Hope Hodgson’s masterpiece, The Night Land. To visit his site, click here.