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Welcome to my web site. I hope you enjoy browsing through it.

Before I wrote The Back of the Beyond, I wrote another novel entitled Liberty Bell and the Last American. I set it aside for a time, but it’s now scheduled to be available in early April. Here’s the premise:

What if the world’s information was lost and American history became the stuff of legend?

Two hundred years after the Great Blackout obliterates the world’s digitized books, a scholar traveling through America collects the oral histories of its people and uses them to write The Americana, a book depicting a golden age ruled by President Washington and the Knights and Representatives of the Pentagonal Table, figures such as Eisenhower Iron-Hewer, the wizard Ben Franklin, Waynejon the Pilgrim, and Betsee Ross, the Star Weaver.

Centuries later, seventeen-year-old Liberty Bell, growing up raised on The Americana, is thrown into a quest with secret agent, Antonio Ice, to find the legendary gold of Fort Knocks (sic). But in the Old Forest, electricity is returning, the heroes and legends of The Americana are coming to life, and the fate of the country rests on Liberty’s shoulders.

Liberty Bell Cover

As some of you know, besides writing books, I’m also a musician and recording engineer. A number of years ago, I wrote an album’s worth of music based on my novel, The High House. At the time, I was raising my family, teaching fulltime, and writing books, so I tinkered with recording and producing the music off and on. Now that I’m no longer teaching, I’ve finished the album. Is it any good? Beats me. But it’s now available for download on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, etc. Cover art by Scott Faris. Additional mixing and production by Chris Neal. To hear snippets, go to my Music tab: http://www.james-stoddard.com/music/

My new book, The Back of the Beyond, is now out in Kindle and print editions. This one isn’t an Evenmere story, but the beginning of a new series, based on an idea I’ve had for several years. Betsy MItchell, who has edited all the Evenmere books–the first two when she was editor of the SF line at Warner Books–also did a great job advising me on how to improve the novel, most especially the first chapter. Here’s the blurb:

When Prince Gray Darien’s beloved is kidnapped, he pursues her captors, leading a band of eight warriors from various Earth eras into the mysterious Back of the Beyond, a land where everything is sentient and possesses a voice. In a country filled with creature and animals as beautiful and merciless as those in our world, yet far more cunning, Gray and his companions must adapt or die. And if the prince fails, what will become of the woman he loves?

 Below is the cover illustration, done by Bryan Burke and Scott Faris.

I recently received an email from science journalist Charles Q. Choi, who has written for Scientific American, The Washington Post, The New York Times, National Geographic News, and many others. I’m familiar with his articles in Scientific American. He’s written a review of my novel, The Back of the Beyond on his website. I didn’t click on the link at first, thinking the email might be from an imposter, pretending to be a famous journalist. I’m thrilled to hear from him. The review can be found here

A short story of mine, Cage of Honor, has been published in issue #4 of editor Howard Jones’ fun pulp magazine, Tales from the Magician’s Skull. These kinds of stories are enjoyable to write.

My short story, The Battle of York, which originally appeared in The Magazine of Science Fiction and Fantasy and was later in Tor Books’ Year’s Best SF 10, was reprinted by Lightspeed Magazine, and can be read online for free.  There is also an interview and a free audio version.  The audio version can be found here.

I have a short story appearing on The Night Land website, entitled The Last Roadmaker, found here.  William Hope Hodgson’s The Night Land was a passion for the late Editor Andy Robertson, and his site is a real labor of love, so while you’re there, delve into it a bit. There’s a lot of original fiction based on the book, along with facts and speculations about Hodgson and his work.

An audiobook version of my rewrite of Hodgson’s The Night Land is also available at Audible and Amazon. 

Thanks to artist Bob Eggleton for graciously allowing me to use a portion of his work, which appeared as the cover for the first edition of The False House, for my banner.