False House for web

Welcome to my web site, home of my new domain. I hope you enjoy browsing through it.


This year I'm one of five SF writers asked to determine the winner of the Phillip K. Dick Award for best softcover science fiction novel published in 2017. You may or may not be familiar with his name, but you've seen movies based on Dick's novels and short stories: Blade Runner, Minority Report, Total Recall and others. It's both an honor and a responsibility--so far we've looked at 45 books, and anticipate receiving another 35 to 70.  And no, I can't read 80 to 115 books in one year. All five of us don't read every book until we winnow it down to the finalists. Also, one of the requirements is that if I get a few chapters in and don't think it's an award winner, I have to stop reading.  We have to make our final choices by early January 2018. It's a broadening experience, reading books I might not normally pick up, seeing the way different writers handle their work. My thanks to Gordon Van Gelder, Publisher of the Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, for asking me to participate.


Both of my Evenmere novels are now back in print, along with the new third book in the series. The paperbacks are a nice 6 by 9 inch size, and include maps of the Inner Chambers and of the countries within the house in both the ebook and print versions. The covers were created by Scott Faris www.fariswheel.com. They should make a nice set. I appreciate the encouragement many of you have given me to get this done. You can find more information on my Books page.



My short story, The Battle of York, which originally appeared in The Magazine of Science Fiction and Fantasy and was later in Tor Books' Year's Best SF 10, has just been reprinted by Lightspeed Magazine, and can be read online for free.  There is also an interview and a free audio version.  The audio version can be found here.


I have a short story appearing on The Night Land website, entitled The Last Roadmaker, found here.  William Hope Hodgson's The Night Land was a passion for the late Editor Andy Robertson, and his site is a real labor of love, so while you're there, delve into it a bit. There's a lot of original fiction based on the book, along with facts and speculations about Hodgson and his work.


An audiobook version of my rewrite of Hodgson's The Night Land is now available at Audible, Amazon, and other on-line retailers. 


Thanks to artist Bob Eggleton for graciously allowing me to use a portion of his work, which appeared as the cover for the first edition of The False House, for my banner.